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November News Letter & Calendar

October was a wonderfully active month. Millville Seniors painted a cute ScareCrow and will be painting an Acron on a ceramic tile on Nov. 15th with gold accents for their next project. A private group of fun-loving ladies did a fall landscape with trees reflecting into a pond. Adults from the Blackstone Libary painted a Grove of Birch Trees on a light blue background. The Blackstone Lions had a full Fundraiser Ceramic Night painting fairies, houses skulls, and turkeys. A big thank you to my sister and husband for all their help.

Love, Diane


Art Lessons: 3-5pm & 5-6 pm

Walk-In Ceramics: 1-6 pm


Oil Painting: 3-5 pm

Art Lessons: 1-2 pm

Walk-In Ceramics: 1-6 pm


Book Paint Nights: 6-9 pm

Walk-In Ceramics: 1-6 pm


Acrylic Painting: 2-4pm

Walk-In Ceramics: 10 am-4 pm


Book Parties Only Closed

Closed- Sun, Mon & Tue

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